Praise for Terminal Point

"...The action is nonstop, insanely violent and mostly lethal, like X-Men on steroids. The biggest problem with all this is that the two Sercas are both homicidal psychopaths, with one slightly less homicidally psychopathic than the other; compassion's in very short supply and mercy isn't even in the dictionary: If somebody gets in your way you kill them, agonizingly and brutally or not so agonizingly and brutally. It's a tribute to Ruiz's skill that, somehow, when a winner finally emerges, it's the one you've been rooting for."

– Kirkus Reviews

"In a world where nuclear warfare has created telepaths who are enslaved by the “registered pure” elite, archvillain Nathan Serca hides his superhuman extrasensory powers so he can lift off for the Mars colony inhabited by the pure of mind. Nathan’s son and former heir, Lucas, has allied with a group of former Strykers, short-lived psions controlled by the World Court’s implanted mental death switches. They defy Nathan and the Court, who think only of controlling or escaping Earth, and strive to save the planet and its inhabitants, human and psion alike. Though Ruiz (Mind Storm) kills off several of the sympathetic but stiffly drawn characters, kaleidoscopically intricate shifting alliances and relationships, terrifying mental tortures, and near-death experiences and resurrections drive this saga of revolt and renewal and leave plenty of room for future installments."

Publishers Weekly

"Earth is damaged beyond recovery, so the World Court, urged on by powerful magnate Nathan Serca, continues with its plans to transfer the "purest" members of humanity—those free of psionic genetic markers for five generations—to Mars, where a new life awaits them. Unwilling to die gracefully when their time comes, a group of rogue psions, led by Nathan's son Lucas, himself a powerful mutant, seeks to thwart the World Court's master plan. Guided by the visions of a prescient child from two centuries ago, Lucas and his team led by Threnody Corwin put into action a daring scheme that will either save or destroy the world.

VERDICT This sequel to Mind Storm combines the rapid-fire pacing of superhero fiction with the cutting-edge technology and social dystopia of cyberpunk and should attract most sf readers."

– Library Journal Reviews


Praise for Mind Storm

"...The characters are fully fleshed out, with bureaucrats, shady businessmen, Mafia-like organizations, and soldiers. Each has an emotional depth that can be related to by the reader. Those who enjoy tales of telepathy and paranormal abilities will thoroughly enjoy this well-paced story." - Booklist

"K.M. Ruiz’s Mind Storm not only solidifies the beginning of an exciting new series, but heralds the debut of a notable new voice in the sci-fi genre."
- Renee C. Fountain - New York Journal of Books

"Ruiz's apocalyptic debut, set 250 years after nuclear war almost devastated Earth, pits "registered" humans, officially five generations free of radiation-caused genetic taint, against their soldier-slave psions, mutants with varying degrees of psi powers like telepathy and telekinesis. The short-lived Strykers like heroine Threnody Corwin, psions enslaved by the venal human World Court, battle the supposedly human Serca Syndicate's psionic Warhounds in excruciating scenes of physical and mental agony, while the ruling humans plot to escape to Mars and renegade secret psion Lucas Serca dreams of saving the psions and unregistered human scavengers and making a better world. Long on horrific action and short on psychological depth, Ruiz's tale will appeal to military SF fans, with a sequel promising to tie up the many loose ends." - Publishers Weekly

"Mind Storm hurls you two hundred and fifty years into a ferociously possible future where the mind has long since escaped the cage of the body and roams free and wild and dangerous. Total, delicious immersion into a world rendered startlingly real by white-hot writing skill."
- Whitley Strieber, Bestselling Author of The Day After Tomorrow, The Hunger and Communion

"To term Mind Storm a thriller, even a post-apocalyptic thriller, doesn't fully describe the novel, because it's also a study in psychological deception and self-deception in a devastated future Earth where the greater the power one has, the greater the deception required, making the book both unsettling and a parable for our time."
- L.E. Modesitt Jr., Bestselling author of Legacies

"A fast and furious vision of a very dark future...one of the best reads of the year."
- Nate Kenyon, award-winning author of Sparrow Rock and Starcraft Ghost: Spectres

"Mutants, martyrs, mayhem, Mars, and the Mob--this book has it all and leaves you craving yet more of this broken and battered world."
- Rob Thurman, author of The Cal Leandros and The Chimera series

"Two-hundred and fifty years after a nuclear war psion-mutant Threnody Corwin battles to stay alive in a cutthroat world where elites rule a twisted society. Mind Storm crackles with pent-up energy, fresh ideas, and crisp dialog.  It flies like a bullet!"
- William C. Dietz, author of the Legion of the Damned series